TENS Unit Replacement Leadwires by Syrtenty - 45 inch 4 pcs

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Replacement lead wires are needed when the lead wire that comes with your electrotherapy unit has worn out. You have to be careful in choosing TENS unit lead wires because aside from poor-quality electrode pads, the defective or incompatible lead wire is another possible reason for electrical shock and burns from electrical stimulation for pain management. 

Syrtenty’s Replacement Lead Wires have the following features and benefits:

  • Durable - These TENS unit lead wires are made for long-term use. They are made of quality materials to withstand accidental pulling. Users revealed that they last a minimum of 2 years of regular use.
  • Safe to use - They accurately conduct the current from your electrotherapy unit. This avoids possible electrical shock and burns on the skin.
  • Universally compatible - These lead wires fit most of the TENS brands and models available today.
  • Long enough - Each lead wire for TENS unit is 45 inches long for your convenience. You can put the electrotherapy unit as far as about 3 feet away from you when necessary.

Syrtenty’s replacement lead wires could be stored any way you want. They are made to tolerate bending and twisting. You can also bring them anywhere you go without the fuss. Bring them when you travel, in the office, or on business trips. They take very little space in your bag or drawer, and they never tangle.

Moreover, these TENS unit lead wires are reported to be better than the lead wires that come with the electrotherapy units sold in the market today. Syrtenty’s replacement lead wires also give value for your money since their price is really worth the quality and convenience.

Do you need one to replace your worn out lead wire? Do you need another pair for additional electrical stimulation? Do you think the lead wire for your TENS unit is not doing its job anymore? Or you just want to have a pair on standby?

With Syrtenty replacement lead wires, you can LIVE LIFE PAIN-FREE!