TENS Unit Pads - Snap Butterfly 4.5x6 inch 6pcs Electrodes

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  • Shape: Butterfly
  • Size: 4.5" x 6"
  • Connection: Snap
  • Quantity: 6 pcs 

Manage pain extensively. Suffering from chronic pain can be frustrating since this holds you back from doing most of your everyday activities, especially when the pain is coming from the back area of your body. There are times when you can't move or just even bend to pick up some things. But don't fret, with the Syrtenty 4.5" x 6" electrode pads, you'll be able to manage pain extensively. 
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Target larger areas in your body. Having a larger electrode pad than the usual can be very beneficial as it can target larger areas in your body, such as your back area, abdomen, and legs. This will help widen the flow range of the low-electric current, thus reducing pain at a much faster yet effective rate. Furthermore, using larger electrode pads will help promote better circulation and tone muscles, particularly the abdominal section.  

long strip square round and butterfly electrode pads      

Sticks well without irritating skin. Effective electrotherapy is achieved with a good attachment to properly stimulate underlying nerves while avoiding electric shock, skin irritation and burns. Syrtenty TENS unit replacement pads won't easily fall off even while you're moving during TENS therapy as its thin, comfortable and flexible cotton cloth backing allows the pad to follow the contour of the skin. It's latex free and high-quality self-adhesive material won't leave your skin irritated, making it FDA-approved for over the counter transactions.

                                                                                         tens unit pads cotton back clothing       latex-free self-adhesive tens unit pads 

Comes in snap and pigtail connections. Syrtenty butterfly electrode pads have two distinct connector types-- Pigtail pin-type and Snap, all of which are universally compatible with most electrotherapy devices such as TENS or EMS units. This Syrtenty square snap electrodes will work with machines that have the standard 3.5mm electrode snap.

snap and pigtail electrode pads

Comes in bulk and individual double-sealed packaging. Most electrotherapy devices have 2 channels, which can distribute current to at most 4 small electrodes. This set of syrtenty 4.5" x 6" snap electrodes comes in 6 pcs double-sealed in individual packages. You’ll be able to choose from 2 pcs. and 6pcs. Each set of electrode pads is recommended for single patient use only.

 double sealed packaging