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MG8000 Handheld Muscle Massage Gun - Deep Tissue Massager for Percussive Therapy - Therapeutic Relief for Athletes, and Patients with Injuries or Muscle Pain- Rechargeable, Silent, and Easy Grip

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Convenient and Easy Percussive Therapy

Get your deep tissue muscle percussion massage with less struggle and maximum relief with the Syrtenty MG8000 electric massage gun.

Syrtenty's MG8000 is equipped with a powerful brushless motor that works quietly but effectively on your tired muscles. Used commonly by physical therapists as a sports massage gun for treating athletes during post-workout recovery, or for patients recovering from physical injuries.

This pressure massager gun is so handy and user-friendly. The Syrtenty massage gun has a wrap around handle that allows you to use the massager by yourself and secure the device in your hand while you target those hard to reach muscles on your back. The MG8000 hammers away on those tight and tense muscles - giving you a therapeutic deep tissue massage that feels amazing afterwards.

The Syrtenty massage gun has an easy-adjustable nozzle, 10-speed levels, and 6 different massage heads. Easily switch from a soft vibrating motion to a hard deep tissue hammer action for tighter muscles.

Product specifications:

  • Power: 30W

  • Motor Revolution: 1200-3200 RPM

  • Impact Amplitude: 12MM

  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-iron battery with battery life of 360 minutes in between charging

  • 6.8 V charging chord with charging time of 4 hours

  • Color: Blue/Grey

  • Includes a protective case for easy storage and transportation


Target Your Painful Muscles - Syrtenty's MG8000 is a handheld personal massager used by physical therapists for therapeutic relief. Use as percussion therapy for your back, neck, and other muscles - deep tissue and high impact pressure to release the strain. 

 Easy Grip with Wrap Around Handle - Handheld ergonomic design for a more comfortable grip. The wrap around handle secures the MG8000  back massager in your hand so you can reach those muscles with less struggle.

 Adjustable and Customizable - This percussive therapy massage gun has an adjustable nozzle, 10-speed levels, and 6 different massage heads included. Easily adjusts to deliver the pressure you need to the muscles that need them the most.

 Smooth Operator - the MG8000 is equipped with a brushless motor - these are silent but hardworking and effective massagers for neck and back muscles. Don't underestimate the power of Syrtenty - it delivers relief at 1200-3200 RPM. 

Portable Pain Relief - This electronic sport high impact massage gun is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a battery life of 360 minutes after a 4 hour charge. Also included is a protective case so you can bring this in your travels. Target those muscles with a superior massage gun by Syrtenty - and work your way through muscle pain relief.