Fall Prevention of Elderly Patients - Chair Pad Alarm

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  • Sensor alarm pad - length: 15 inches, width: 7.5 inches
  • Fall monitor - has volume control and alarm options (noise or musical alarm); has audio output plug
  • Best used for patients who sits on the bed most of the time and needs assistance when getting up
  • Dependable, hygienic, versatile, easy to use, hospital-grade, and long-lasting

Stress-free Caregiving in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Nothing beats the comfort of home when it comes to recovery or living with delicate bones that have no provision for any form of injury. However unassisted caregiving can be stressful. You want to provide the best care and take no risks of letting them fall but life must go on. You have a household to manage and you need to take care of yourself first so you can give out love and care. Bring them home and worry no more! Stress-free dependable caregiving can be done right at your home. Syrtenty's sensor pad alarms are designed to help ease your caregiving and ensure that you know when your loved one needs you. 

All of Syrtenty’s pad alarms have the following features and benefits:

Dependable - Our chair pad alarms definitely perform as expected. The weight sensor pad or alarm pad is sensitive enough to identify if the patient is trying to leave his place. It sends accurate signal to the fall monitor that sounds the alarm based on the setting that you chose. Your response to the needs of your patient will always be on time.

Hygienic - The chair alarm pads are made of antimicrobial materials to ensure that the patient’s skin will not be infected or irritated. In the case of patients with bedsores or pressure ulcers, you can be assured that using the sensor pad would not worsen their condition.

Versatile - You could adjust the volume of the fall monitor depending on how far you are from your patient or depending on what you are doing. You could also choose between the noise alarm and musical alarm depending on the level of your alarm fatigue. The fall monitor could also be connected to a mini-phone plug.

Easy to use - Our Syrtenty chair alarms are battery-operated. You just place the alarm pad on the seat, put the batteries in the fall monitor, mount or place the fall monitor on a strategic area, and the unit is now ready to use - hassle-free!

Hospital-grade - Users reported that our Syrtenty chair alarms are the same as what hospitals and care facilities are using.

Long-lasting - With proper usage and care, our chair alarms could be used for a long time. You can simply wipe the pads clean and disinfect if you must.

With Syrtenty chair alarm pad, you can save your patient’s lives with very minimal effort. But let me share with you some words of caution - You are not supposed to rely solely on these alarms. Of course, there needs to be careful fall prevention planning and implementation. You should be able to respond to your elderly or disabled patient quickly, and everybody in the house or in your care facility should be well aware of the fall prevention system in place. That way, you and your patient will be able to live life pain free.