Syrtenty always strives to offer high quality products that are innovative, user-friendly, safe, and affordable. Providing quality and value is what makes our line of products the preferred choice of our customers. But more than our products, they love our customer service! Our company prides itself in not only offering the best products, but also in extending genuine help to customers.


Unmatched Product Quality

Our products, especially our pigtail pin-type electrode pads and exit alarms, are best sellers in Amazon. Customers have these wonderful things to say about them:

  • The electrode pads are sticky enough - customers say that they can use our electrode pads even while doing other activities. They are guaranteed not to fall off and still work just fine! The pre-gelled electrode pads provide the best conductivity, which in turn provide maximum pain relief. With the various shapes and sizes of our electrode pads, there is always the right size for their pain management needs. Customers also rave about the electrode pads being durable for long-term use - they can be used for more that ten (10) times. Another important thing to note is that our self-adhering electrode pads give value for their money. They say Syrtenty electrode pads are more affordable, yet of better quality than the other brands in the market.
  • The lead wires are long enough and provide the best conduction of electric current from the electrotherapy units to the skin and muscle of the users. Its universal compatibility has also been confirmed because it fits well with most model and brands of TENS, IF, and EMS units available today. Customers also brag about these lead wires’ durability. They even last longer than the lead wires that come with their electrotherapy units.
  • The chair and bed exit alarms are said to be hospital-grade. They are similar to the exit alarms being used in top hospitals and elderly care facilities in the U.S. Most customers are delighted with the alarm option that could be set to noise alarm or musical alarm. Our bed and chair alarms are also easy to setup and easy to use. With Syrtenty’s bed and chair exit alarms, caregivers are given the peace of mind that they deserve.


Dependable Customer Service

“A happy customer is a repeat customer,” said one of our Amazon buyers. True enough, our simple yet effective ways of reaching out to our customers make them happy, so they keep coming back. Here’s what they love about Syrtenty’s dependable customer service:

  • Customer love the informative emails that we send them that update them of the status of their orders, some tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of the healthcare products that they purchased, and information about other perks and privileges such as discounts, guarantees, and warranties.
  • Customers appreciate the fact that when they call us, they get through so easily and their calls are received by actual people who are knowledgeable about all our products, and have the heart to really help.
  • The products come with detailed and easy-to-follow instruction guide, so the customers are never lost when using our products. They are also able to maximize the product and enjoy their experience of using it.
  • In the rarest case of defects or if there is something you feel not right about the product, just give us a call and we will sort everything out.

If you want to be as delighted as our repeat customers are, it’s time to choose Syrtenty. With Syrtenty, you LIVE LIFE PAIN FREE!