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Syrtenty strives to offer high-quality products that are innovative, user-friendly, safe, and affordable. We always work toward achieving our mission of providing health and personal care products of the highest quality and value.

Syrtenty is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of pigtail and snap electrode pads for TENS therapy, bed and chair exit alarms, neck and traction collars. Our exclusive line of products offer users a comprehensive selection of equipment to treat all types of neural and muscular pain or rehabilitative conditions, either at home or in the clinic including classic analog style to technologically advanced digital devices.

We offer a vast product selection to accommodate both active and passive lifestyles of patients young and old. All these products are non-invasive natural remedies to relieve pain- Electrode Pads and Leadwires for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy for muscle pain relief, Soft Cervical Traction Collar for neck pain relief and Foot Compression Sleeves for relief of heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis.

Providing quality and value is what makes our line of products the preferred choice of our customers. But more than our products, they love our customer service. Amazon buyers rave about our ‘top-notch’ customer service that they deem relevant and genuine. They love how we reach out to them even after being done with the business transaction. We answer all questions with prompt and clarity.

Syrtenty delivers products and customer service that do not only ease pain, but also provides delight. LIVE LIFE PAIN-FREE with Syrtenty!

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