Small Square and Round Electrode Pads

The small electrode pads come in square and round shapes. Round pigtail electrode pads come in 3 sizes: 1-inch, 2-inch and 2.75-inch while square electrode pads, which are available in both snap and pigtail connections, come in 2 sizes: 2-inch and 1.5-inch. These smaller electrode pads are best used for managing pain in specific areas such as the head, knees, elbows, and wrist. They can also be used on your back, arms, hips and legs. So if you are experiencing pinched nerves for example, or headache, you might want to try these smaller electrode pads.

Specifically, 1-inch electrodes  are great for managing pain in small specific areas such as the throbbing pains in your head due to migraine, or specific areas of your hands, wrist, knees and elbows. Look at the size . They sure would hit that specific pain spot.  They are often used facially by speech therapists as well.

Likewise, 2-inch square electrode pads are the most economical and popular shape and size for precise pain management for your lower back or shoulders. So after a long day standing or sitting at work, or carrying groceries around the mall, you might want to relieve your lower back pain using this.

Our 2 and 2.75 inch round electrode pads  could serve the same purpose, but they are best used on the curvy parts of your body because the round edges of the pads are sure not to wrinkle or crumple on those areas - on your waist for example, or on your legs after a day of sports training.

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