Soft Neck Traction Collar

Neck traction collars are used to relieve pain in the cervical spine or what we refer to as “neck pain.” Neck pains are usually caused by muscle strain from long hours of working with a computer, aging, staying in an uncomfortable position for long hours (sleeping, standing, sitting), and poor posture. All of us are guilty of these one way or another. Other more serious causes are medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, neck bursitis and tendonitis, and herniated discs.

Cervical traction devices work by improving our posture, supporting the weight of the head to relieve the neck, and decompressing the cervical spine. There are cervical collars that are preventive, and there are those that are corrective. Syrtenty offers neck traction collars that could serve both purposes.

Syrtenty Soft Neck Traction Collar can support your neck as you work or during long flights and drives. 

Neck traction collars are the better alternative to ‘over-the-door’ neck traction devices because the former allow the patient to still be productive during the treatment session. Even with a traction collar around your neck, you could still do simple tasks at home or at work such as reading, watching TV, and using the computer.

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