Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Treat Your Neck Pain Anywhere

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Treat Your Neck Pain Anywhere

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Neck pain is usually one of the most annoying things one can get. When it strikes, it greatly affects a lot of daily activities like reading, watching TV, and even talking to someone. But what a lot of people don’t know is that neck pain is sometimes caused by simple daily activities. Activities like sitting in front of the computer for prolonged periods can cause strain in neck muscles. In treating neck pain, using a cervical traction device like Syrtenty® Cervical Collar can be considered first before any medication or procedure. 



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A cervical traction device is designed to provide support and relief to the neck. It works by supporting the neck and slowly stretching its muscles. This process allows the strained neck muscles to relax, which helps relieve the pain that muscle tension causes. A cervical traction device also helps address pinched nerves. Pinched nerves in the neck also cause neck pains. They usually result from repetitive activities with little or no breaks in between, like sitting in front of computers or television and even wrong sleeping position.


Syrtenty Cervical Traction Collar


Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar is inflatable. This allows this cervical traction device to provide the neck a stable and comfortable support. An inflatable cervical traction device uses air pressure to help the neck achieve a more sound position and get relief from neck pain. Use of air pressure also allows the Syrtenty® Cervical Collar to be adjustable enough to also give room for the comfort of the patient.



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Adjustability should also be a key factor to consider in buying a cervical traction device. It is important, especially if the patient still has to maintain a certain set of activities like office work duties. Syrtenty® Cervical Collar is designed to be used for both home and the office. The patient can still watch his favorite TV show, read his favorite books, and work in front of the computer while wearing the Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar.


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Because it is inflatable, it makes it easy to bring practically anywhere. It fits easily in small bags and takes up little space when deflated. There’s no more excuse to be inconsistent in using this cervical traction device. Whether at home, office, malls, and while even on vacation, the Syrtenty® Cervical Collar goes with the patient everywhere.




The use of cervical traction device definitely provides relief from neck pain. This is considered a conservative form of treatment and does not entail expensive costs like other medical procedures. It’s ideal for a lot of patients suffering from chronic neck pain who want an affordable and effective solution to allow them to live a more pain-free life and spend their time watching TV or doing their favorite hobby.

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