Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Face Office Work Without Worries

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Face Office Work Without Worries
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Work never stops. 


The moment one completes a task, another one pops up. It’s a never-ending cycle. This dynamic cycle makes it difficult for anyone to miss even one day at work unplanned. This could mean more stress and sometimes, disaster. But, when body pain strikes like neck pain, work may sometimes take a backseat. If one cannot afford the setback caused by neck pain, using a cervical traction device like Syrtenty® Cervical Collar may do the trick.



Syrtenty Cervical Traction Collar



Syrtenty® Cervical Collar helps provide support to the neck to relieve neck pain caused by tension in the muscles. When muscles experience tension, movement becomes difficult. This difficulty in movement causes restriction in motion of the head and neck area. Pain usually follows whenever one tries to move his neck or head when muscles are tensed.



Cervical traction device addresses this condition by way of slowly allowing the muscles to relax over time. It helps the patient avoid any unnecessary or unconscious movement of the neck and head which may further worsen the condition. Cervical traction device like Syrtenty® Cervical Collar holds the neck area firmly in place. This allows the neck muscles to slowly relax leading to the recovery of the patient even without taking drugs or undergoing expensive treatments.


The biggest advantage of using cervical traction device is that it goes with the patient anywhere. This makes it ideal for providing treatment without sacrificing a lot of regular activities like work. It just has to be worn like regular clothes and the patient can go on with his day at the office. No need to worry about schedule of treatment or medicine intake.



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Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar has been designed for comfort, which is important if it has to be used for an hour or more. It uses soft contact fabric which provides a soft feeling to the neck. In addition to this, it features a comfortable chin rest which makes it even more ideal for repetitive use. There’s no need to take it off due to discomfort which may prolong the recovery process. When one is able to to wear Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar as prescribed, the faster it may be to achieve recovery.



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Syrtenty® Cervical Collar is inflatable through an inflation bulb. The bulb also allows one to release the air when not in use. Once deflated, this cervical traction device fits practically anywhere. It is portable enough to be tossed inside a bag or kept in the locker room after use. All these features allow any office person to face any work in the office with confidence and pride. Now, who said work has to stop just because neck pain strikes?


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