Neck Pain: Alternative Non-invasive and Natural Remedies

Neck Pain: Alternative Non-invasive and Natural Remedies

Neck pain is inevitable. Almost anyone, if not all, has experienced this at some point in their life. It could be caused by poor posture, neck strain, injury or even stress. Sometimes, this pain just goes away on its own; sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, if left untreated, the pain progresses.  

Over-the-counter medicine or painkillers are most commonly used to treat neck pain. However, not everyone prefers this kind of treatment and there are alternative remedies that are better and safer such as:

Cervical Traction. Traction devices relieve certain medical conditions primarily by widening the posterior longitudinal ligaments. The traction force increases the diameter of the invertebral foramen and eases the compression of the nerve roots which rules out other neurologic deficits as well as decreases pain. Most popular traction devices are over-the-door traction device which are very complicated to set-up and uncomfortable. There are also portable inflatable neck traction collars like Syrtenty's Soft Cervical Traction Collar, which offers the same benefits but with much better convenience and comfort.

                            man wearing neck traction collar            over the door neck traction

TENS therapy. TENS units work by attaching the electrode pads to the machine and placing them over the area in pain. Electrical current is sent through the electrodes, stimulating the sensory nerves and creating a tingling sensation that reduces the feeling of pain. In addressing neck pain, the electrodes are usually placed at the back of the neck, around the painful area.

TENS pad placement for neck pain

Exercise. It is important to remember that only a health professional can recommend an exercise program to treat neck pain. The specialist evaluates the level of pain to be able to provide the right set of exercises. When done right, it will help maintain a strong and flexible neck that will prevent recurrence of neck pain.

3 people doing neck exercise

As treatment is not usually instant, continuous practice of the above remedies are advised. However, if the pain persists for several days without relief, it’s time to see a doctor. Here are other symptoms that will tell you when to seek medical attention:

  1. The pain is accompanied by a severe headache.
  2. The pain is accompanied by high fever.
  3. The pain runs down on the arms.
  4. Nausea and blurred vision.
  5. Numbness or weakness.

It’s always best to be informed of the options to manage pain. The faster you respond in managing your pain, the easier it gets resolved. Neck pain is something we should not ignore so be informed of the most available non-invasive therapies available and pick the best option that would suit your lifestyle for you to better manage pain anywhere anytime if possible.

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