Know the Best Electrode Pad in 5 Ways

Know the Best Electrode Pad in 5 Ways

In using TENS therapy to manage pain, choosing the right electrode pads is important to ensure that the current emitted by the device is transferred properly to the skin and nerves around painful area in our body. Here are 5 factors to consider in finding the best electrode pad:
1. Universal compatibility. It should fit TENS units' standard 1.8-2.2 mm pigtail connection or 3.5 mm snap connection. 
2. Ready to use. It should be pre-gelled.
3. Long lasting. It come with good packaging- sealed and electrode pads sticked in clean plastic cover.
4. Latex-free and strong adhesion. It should not irritate the skin but should stick well on clean, oil-free skin. 
5. Comes in various shapes and sizes. There should be different shapes and sizes available to fit any area you want to apply TENS therapy on.

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