Syrtenty® Electrode Pads Sizes, Shapes, and Specific Uses

Syrtenty® Electrode Pads Sizes, Shapes, and Specific Uses
It’s been a little while that I’ve been using my Syrtenty® electrodes for TENS unit. Like user, Janet, I’ve been using them daily and they do stand out amongst other brands as they keep their tackiness longer. Aside from that, the electrode pads are also made of cloth, not the usual foam, which makes them very flexible. If you plan on getting replacement electrodes for your TENS machine, you can choose from different pad sizes, depending on the specific body part you intend to use them on.


Round electrode pad


These electrodes are ideal for the face, hands and other small areas. I usually have a reserve of this electrode size as this is perfect for facial massage which I utterly enjoy having regularly. This size is also commonly used among spas for their TENS facial massage. If you opt for Syrtenty®, each pack contains eight electrodes.


Long strip electrode pads 


If you’re suffering from back pains, this pad size is perfect for you since this can pretty much cover your back and the necessary current strength can be delivered. Rectangular electrodes may also be used for abdominal pains. These come in a pack of four and are premium ones so you may reuse them.


square electrode pads 


These electrodes are typically used for smaller areas like the neck, elbows, wrists and knees. Syrtenty® 2-inch square electrodes come either in a package of 20 or 44 electrodes.




Butterfly electrodes are wide enough which make them ideal for back pain and also for neck pain. Some users even use it around their legs.


Syrtenty ® also makes 2”x2” and 2”x4” snap electrodes for TENS unit. You should keep in mind that aside from the proper placement of electrodes, it is also equally important to choose the right size as well as shape of electrode pads to ensure effective TENS therapy.

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