How to Improve Adhesiveness of Your Syrtenty® TENS Electrodes

How to Improve Adhesiveness of Your Syrtenty® TENS Electrodes

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Before satisfied user with the pen name “Fassaction” got introduced to Syrtenty ® TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) electrodes, he had been in dire need of some new replacement pads for the TENS 7000 unit he’s been using. He’d been rocking the original four (4) electrodes that came with the unit, and it seems that they had already seen better days and failed to excellently stick on the skin. As usual, Amazon saved the day when he stumbled upon these Syrtenty® electrodes. He ordered them online and the package was speedily delivered straight to his home. The product also really works perfectly as advertised and he has no issues connecting them to the machine. Syrtenty® TENS unit pads, according to him, are truly “amazeballs” deals.


Nevertheless, if you’re having issues sticking the TENS unit replacement pads you’re using right now for whatever reason, here are a few things you can do to improve the adhesiveness of the electrodes.

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Cleanse Your Skin


Your skin must be squeaky clean before applying electrode pads. You can do it by washing it thoroughly with soap and water before sticking the TENS unit pads. Do not also attempt to apply other products like cream, oil, lotion, and even alcohol as these are likely to reduce the adhesiveness of the electrodes. Moreover, you should not forget to keep the site healthy by applying special TENS solutions on the skin following a therapy session.



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Check the Gel Surface for Moisture


One of the reasons why TENS electrodes won’t stick is because their gel surfaces are covered with moisture usually from sweat, dead skin cells and oils. You can tell if there’s too much moisture on the gel surface if the pad doesn’t easily stick with a gentle touch of your fingertip. If that is the case, you need to right away clean the surface with a moist cloth, never with a tissue paper as its particles will only stick on the surface.


Drop of water




If even after cleaning the gel surface, the electrodes still won’t adhere, they probably need rehydration. All reusable electrodes can be rehydrated. You can rehydrate the electrodes by adding a small drop of water on the gel surface and spreading the moisture using a fingertip. Avoid placing the electrode directly under the faucet as this causes the electrode to absorb too much moisture leading to oversaturation. You can try repeating the aforementioned steps until the desired tackiness is achieved.


By following the tips mentioned above, you can save money and time by using your TENS unit replacement pads repetitively.

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