Electrodes for TENS Unit Hacks

Electrodes for TENS Unit Hacks

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Are you a chronic pain sufferer like me?


Then you’re probably best friends with that walkie-talkie-like machine that doesn’t function like a handheld transceiver at all. Several people who suffer from chronic pain try to resort to alternative modes of pain relief and one of them is through nerve stimulation with the use of a machine and electrodes for TENS unit. This may work well for some. However, there are also those who don’t seem to reap the maximum benefits from the treatment.



Worry not! There are some clever ways to make TENS work for you. Read on and learn some electrode hacks to make TENS therapy more effective.


 Target pain location

Note the Location of Pain


Pain may radiate to the different parts of the body. Thus, it is very crucial to take note of the exact location of pain and where it frequently occurs. Draw a human figure and mark the areas where pain is felt. You may also determine whether it is a shooting or throbbing type of pain. Experts suggest that you do this because pain is difficult to assess especially when it has already subsided.



Horizontal and Vertical lines



Is Pain Shooting Horizontally or Vertically?


By determining whether the pain shoots horizontally or vertically, you’ll also be able to know where exactly to place the electrodes. You may be required to use all four pads if pain shoots in both directions.




box with electrode pad 

Choose the Right Electrodes for TENS unit


This is also one of the reasons why TENS therapy doesn’t work for some. It’s either because the electrodes are too big or too small for the painful area. There are lots of shapes and sizes of electrodes for TENS unit nowadays, so it’s somewhat unlikely if you can’t find the electrodes that suit your specific needs.



There are small electrodes ideal for the face, hands and other small areas. You can also find long and thin electrodes that can cover both sides of a painful area and butterfly ones for the spine. Just remember the above mentioned hacks for faster and more effective pain relief.


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