Why Nursing Homes Need Chair Alarm Pad

Why Nursing Homes Need Chair Alarm Pad

Elderly woman in wheel chair being assisted by a caregiver


Running a nursing home has been consistently getting more attention and popularity in the country. As more and more Americans reach the senior age, the need for the services provided by nursing homes become bigger. Because of this, the pressure to improve the care provided by nursing home staffs also increase dramatically. In improving the efficiency and effectiveness of caregivers, different tools can be used. One of these tools is a chair alarm pad like Syrtenty®’s.


Syrtenty chair fall prevention alarm



Syrtenty® chair alarm pad works by producing an alarm whenever the patient tries to get off his/her chair. This alarm is loud enough to be heard across several rooms, making it ideal in nursing home set ups. Because of this, the staffs can be properly alerted and allowed to immediately go to the patient and provide the needed assistance before any accidents occur.



Elderly fell on the floor


Time is of the essence in this type of situation because falls may happen, resulting in fractures of the patients affected. Accidents like falls are common in the elderly, which affects their hips most of the time. When this happens, they become even more immobile and restricted, making caring for them even more complicated and challenging. Using a chair alarm pad can definitely minimize, if not totally, eliminate the risk of falls resulting in fractures.



Caregiver smiling at an elderly woman


When accidents are prevented in any nursing home, gaining trust and confidence of both the patients and their families comes next. A nursing home is a business built on trust, passion, and genuine caregiving. So having a chair alarm pad around to help improve patient care of caregivers is of paramount importance.

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