Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Helps Your Parents On Physical Rehab

Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Helps Your Parents On Physical Rehab
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There is always an unimaginable difficulty in taking care of parents who are not yet fit to resume their regular physical activities. When they become wheelchair-bound, even just temporarily, big adjustments happen in the family. This even becomes more challenging when you are also dealing with your own children or other younger siblings. Fathers can sometimes be too stubborn to ask for your help. They try to move and take things on their own because they got used to doing it for you when you were still younger. Given their condition and sometimes attitude, you can seek help from a chair alarm pad like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm.


Syrtenty chair fall prevention alarm


It provides the needed help in ensuring proper care for your parents who are still advised to use wheelchair as part of their rehabilitation therapy. Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad sends off an alarm whenever the patient tries to get off the chair when he’s supposed to remain seated. The sound of this alarm is loud enough to be heard from across several rooms in the house. This means everyone can go about their usual routines without having to drag your dad to where you are. This is a great convenience, especially if he prefers watching the latest soccer game on TV.


Antimicrobial badge


The materials used for this chair alarm pad underwent antimicrobial treatment to ensure hygienic function all the time. This treatment helps prevent microorganisms from growing on its surfaces which may lead to skin infection or other diseases once they enter the body system of the patient. While the alarm sound can be annoying at times, Syrtenty® Chair Alarm gives you the option to change it to play to the tune of “It’s A Small World.” Beyond giving you the signal that he’s getting off the wheelchair, it may just be a trip down memory lane for you.


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This chair alarm pad is battery-operated. It can be placed on almost any type of chair so there’s no need to worry about electrocution. This also ensures his mobility whenever he wants to stay in other areas of the house. As with any other physical rehabilitation treatment, a little change in the environment may also help. There’s no need to worry about the patient when going to other parts of the house. This is because Syrtenty® Chair Alarm will tell you exactly when they need you.


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