Syrtenty® Bed Exit Alarm: Echoes the Heartbeat

Syrtenty® Bed Exit Alarm: Echoes the Heartbeat
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I was raised by my grandparents just as much as my parents raised me. Whatever it is that I have become is due in part to what they have given me. Now that I have already grown up, I found it proper to just return the love and care they gave me. As their senses and ability to communicate weakens, it may all be better to strengthen mine instead. Now that verbally telling me what they want has become difficult, I needed to find an avenue that will allow me to know if they need something even before they speak. My journey to find an aid to help me ensure their well-being and safety all the time has led me to something far beyond what I can think of the Syrtenty® Bed Pad Alarm.


Syrtenty Bed Fall Prevention Alarm Pad


They now spend more time lying on their bed. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that we find out what they need even before they say it. The health risks are bigger now because they are physically weaker.


Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad sends a signal capable of being heard several rooms away whenever they try to get off their bed. This is a huge help in ensuring the risk of fractures of their already brittle bones is minimized.


They have been using the bed alarm pad for quite some time now. So far, no issues of discomfort have been raised by both of my grandparents. They’re able to sleep as peacefully as they used to. The best part is that, it does the same for me too. This has in turn allowed me to recharge and regain the strength I need to do what’s important - taking care of them even more.

You may be asking if they get annoyed by the sound of the bed alarm pad, knowing it is placed right on their beds. I cannot say for sure. But judging from the smile on their faces whenever I would rush to assist them get off the bed, the answer is probably not at all.


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This bed alarm pad also features a musical alarm to the tune of “It’s a small world”. Because of this, I sometimes get the feeling they are trying to get off their bed to set off the alarm on purpose. I remember that they both sang that “It’s a small world” tune for me when I was still a kid. Hearing the song again, probably reminds them of the time when they were doing what they do best - loving and taking care of me.





I can continue to talk about how the product helped me take care of the people that cared for me like it’s their last day on the planet. But at the end of the day, when this bed alarm pad starts to wear out as it ages, it did one thing beyond all the noise and technical features.


It redefined what noise is. It made noise sound like our hearts beating, working, and speaking to each other, in ways only we could understand.

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