Syrtenty® Bed Alarm: One Step Closer to Providing Complete Care

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm: One Step Closer to Providing Complete Care
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Fracture is one of the most common injuries suffered from by the elderly. Among the most common causes of fracture among our elderlies are falls which often impact their hips. This usually renders them more immobile. Given their naturally more brittle bone structure as they age, it is always important that we all take advanced precautions in ensuring we minimize the risk of sustaining a fracture. Improving our monitoring will not be easy at all so we definitely need something that will allow doing it just as effectively while carrying on with our usual routines. And one device promises to allow us to achieve that - The Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad.


Syrtenty Bed Fall Prevention Alarm


It is an innovative bed alarm pad that sends off an alarm whenever our elder loved ones or patient tries to go off their bed. The alarm sound coming from this bed alarm pad is loud enough to be heard even from a couple of rooms away.


Plus, it can actually play to the tune of “It’s a small world” to lessen the stress caused by the noise. This more pleasant tune may also help our elderlies recall their younger days spending time with our little selves.


Old woman walking with cane

All you have to do is just to install the alarm pad on their bed (without them knowing) and you can go about your daily activities while they’re asleep or watching their favorite TV show. So when they feel like going to the bathroom and try to get off their bed unassisted, the bed alarm pad will start sending an alarm to tell people in the household about it. Now, you just to rush to the room to help out and provide them with whatever they need.


With all the special needs our elderlies call for, it’s definitely a big help to have a dedicated device that promises and delivers just as much. Complete care for elderly is when you can provide them the comfort they need and ensure that they are safe from getting avoidable injuries. You are one step closer to achieving that with a dependable sensor pad; the next step to completion is a well-implemented fall prevention strategy for everyone in the house to follow.

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