Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Gives Ease in Providing Elderly Care

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Gives Ease in Providing Elderly Care
Woman talking to an elderly while sitting in bed


Caring for our elderly doesn’t always have to be a backbreaking job. While it does have a lot of demands given their condition and limited physical abilities, there are still ways that we can manage through these challenges. The job should not be that difficult now. Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad is already here to provide the help you need in giving our elderlies some tender love and care. 

This is one of the latest tools you can now use to help prevent the risk of falls leading to fractures among our dear elders. Fractures are now one of the most common injuries suffered from by our elderly folks.



So, you may be asking, how does a bed alarm pad, prevent injuries or broken bones?


Syrtenty fall prevention alarm


The answer should not be that complicated. Syrtenty® bed alarm pad sends off an alarm whenever our grannies and gramps try to get off their bed to get or do things on their own. The alarm signal is loud enough to be heard several rooms away so you don’t have to worry about attending to other tasks while they lay on their bed.

To make things even more interesting, you can also set the alarm to play to the tune of “It’s A Small World” which may even bring back old memories we had with our grannies and gramps when we were still kids.



Installation should be a breeze. Just a little reminder though, it’s important to make sure they don’t see you when install it to prevent them from removing it while you’re away. The materials used for the Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad are definitely safe for use for its purpose and will ensure that the comfort our dear elders are not compromised.


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