Syrtenty® Bed Alarm: Enhances Caring Ability of Nursing Homes

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm: Enhances Caring Ability of Nursing Homes
Man in a wheelchair going in the hallway


Losing one’s physical mobility can be a tough challenge for anyone. Whether temporary or not, people who got used to being on the go will never swallow this easily. This is probably one of the challenges nursing homes face every day when dealing with bedridden patients. The risk of accidents due to unsupervised attempts of patients to get off their beds is always present. In managing this risk, the use of a bed alarm pad like Syrtenty® Bed Alarm among nursing homes has been a practice.


Fall Prevention Bed Alarm Pad


Syrtenty® Fall Prevention Alarm works by sending off an alarm whenever a patient tries to get off his bed. The alarm serves as a signal to the caregivers that a patient is trying to get off his bed. Because of this, the caregivers or attendants can easily rush in to restrain the patient or assist him as needed.

Bed alarm pads use weight sensors. These sensors set off the alarm when they don’t detect the patient’s body weight on them. The sound emitted from a bed alarm pad is usually loud enough to be heard across all rooms. This makes this device ideal for nursing home setups where multiple patients in several rooms need attention.


Elderly man with his caregiver


This alarm enables the caregivers to attend to other patients or work-related matters without worries. They can just be alerted whenever a patient needs assistance in getting up.

Since alarms are normally loud and sometimes annoying, Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad gives the option to change this. It allows users to use the tune of “It’s A Small World” as the sound instead of the typical alarm noise. This feature lessens the disturbance the alarm may cause in other patients. Apart from this, it may also trigger some happy memory recall among the elderly bedridden patients.


Physician listening to patient in wheelchair



Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad has also undergone anti-microbial treatment. This ensures that the risk of infection due to bacteria buildup is minimized. This is important because bedridden patients spend most of their time lying down.

There are already a lot of bed alarm pads available in the market. In choosing what’s best for any nursing home, it’s important that patients’ safety and device functionality are given premium weight all the time.



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