Syrtenty® Bed Alarm: Cares About The Way You Care

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm: Cares About The Way You Care
x ray image showing a fracture


Fracture is one of the most common injuries that elderlies suffer from. Not only because their bones are already brittle, but also because they are less able to maintain a sound balance when they move or perform physical activities like walking or simply standing up. All these possible risks make caring for them a bit more complicated and tricky. While this can sound overwhelming at this point, there’s actually no need to be worried because one of the solutions is now in the market - The Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad.



Syrtenty bed fall prevention alarm

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm provides additional support that elderlies need by sending off an alarm whenever they try to get off their bed. This then allows the families or caregivers to be alerted immediately and provide the assistance needed even without the elderlies saying a word.


In addition, this bed alarm pad also provides an option to eliminate the annoyance from the alarm noise as it can be set to play to the tune of “It’s a Small World” which will definitely bring back a lot of childhood memories for both the families and their elderly members.


Antimicrobial badge and batter vector



Their safety and well-being were also strongly taken into account as the bed alarm pad is made from antimicrobial materials which inhibit the growth of bacteria that may cause infection.


Furthermore, it is battery operated which means that it is really safe. There is absolutely no risk of electrocution from direct power source. There are also lesser wires hanging around the bed of our elderly loved-ones and patients which can cause other injuries.




Woman comforting an elderly woman while sitting in bed

Given all the features and benefits of this bed alarm pad, there is absolutely no reason not to get it to improve the way we care for our elders or patients. Not only is this beneficial to them, but it is also a great benefit to us. Syrtenty® bed alarm will help us attain peace of mind by eliminating some of the worries we may have in providing the care that our older loved-ones need.


Naturally, the less worries we have, the better we will be able to make them feel how much we care!

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