One Noise That's Worth Hearing

One Noise That's Worth Hearing

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Noise comes in all forms. It also comes for a lot of sources and takes different forms. It sometimes takes the form of too loud music, honking of vehicles, and rumbling of engines. Whatever form or source it comes from, we all hate noise. That’s a fact that is unlikely to change. Despite the negative attitude of people towards noise, it sometimes plays an important role in our lives. Noise becomes beneficial to us in cases like natural and social emergencies. Noise from the horns of fire trucks, ambulance, police patrol cars, and smartphone alarms all spell great importance. The same is true with noise coming from bed alarm pad and chair alarm pad like Syrtenty® Bed Alarm and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm.


But do you know that the noise from bed alarm pad and chair alarm are even more different? The noise from bed and chair alarm is also a type of noise rooted in love and care.


Syrtenty bed and chair fall prevention alarm set



The alarm coming from these two devices is still noise however you look at it. But the beauty of this noise is that it gives us the opportunity and the right time to express our care and concern. This concern is usually for the elderly or anyone who is bedridden or wheelchair-bound due to an injury or disease. Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad both use this noise to help us express our love and care for our elderly or other patients whether at home or in nursing homes. This noise of love helps us in 3 ways:


Vector of patient in wheelchair while being assisted


Lets us know when they need us.


Action speaks louder than words” as they say. This holds true in the case of Syrtenty® Bed Alarm and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm. In using these two devices, our loved ones or patient need not say a word to tell us they need us close to them. These devices automatically send off an alarm whenever the patient tries to get off his bed or chair unassisted. The alarm can be heard from across several rooms. This saves our loved ones from shouting our name out loud for help. More importantly, it saves them from the possible falls from bed or chair and further injuries in the process.


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Allows us to do more for them.


They say that “multitasking is overrated.” But we need this skill when dealing with someone who is bedridden or wheelchair-bound. If you have to be in other areas of the house where you cannot take you patient or loved ones with you, doing other things becomes impossible. Bed alarm pad and chair alarm pad from Syrtenty® solves this problem head on. You just need to set the device on and have your loved one or patient lie on the bed or sit on the chair. This allows you to focus on attending to other work you need to do. You can cook their food, clean other parts of the house, prepare their medicines, prepare the bathroom for their shower, and many more. These devices allow you to do more things to provide the care your loved one or patient needs without the worries.


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Helps us do things that matter faster.


Van Wilder once said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” This stands true in anything that we do especially when it involves providing care for someone. Worrying leads to anxiety and tension. This makes a very dangerous combination that may badly affect the outcomes of any task. This may endanger human health or life. Syrtenty® Bed Alarm and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm allows you to work on important things related to providing the care your loved one or patient needs.


Since you will be alerted by the alarm noise when they try to move unassisted, you can better focus on your current task at hand. This will naturally allow you to do your task faster without compromising quality. Whatever you do, you can freely put your mind into. Gone are the days when you are doing something and your mind is somewhere else, worrying.


There are a lot of reasons to hate noise. But, when noise signals the need for our tender loving care, we should embrace it all the more. Bed alarm pad and chair alarm pad from Syrtenty® have definitely given noise a totally different meaning. They took noise from being annoying to something worth hearing. They helped provide our elderly and loved ones another way to say they need us. They made us believe that noise should not just be heard as a sound but also be felt as it carries emotions.




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