Manage Caring for Your Loved Ones with Syrtenty® Chair Alarm

Manage Caring for Your Loved Ones with Syrtenty® Chair Alarm
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Being bound to a wheelchair or to your illness that prevents you from walking is no laughing matter. It can be severely depressing as well as frustrating at the same time. Imagine being very active and mobile just a few weeks or months ago. Then suddenly, you get stuck in what seems to be an inescapable truth. But, people who are advised to use wheelchairs have found it easier to live and recover with the help of their loved ones and some assistance from a device like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm.



Syrtenty chair fall prevention alarm in wheelchair


Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad...


Works by producing a sound whenever your loved one tries to get off his wheelchair on his own. This sound sent off by this chair alarm pad alerts people in the household or care facility that someone needs assistance. This consequently minimizes or prevents accidents due to unsupervised patients trying to do things on their own.


Ederly woman in wheelchair



If you have someone in the household who relies on everyone else for assistance to move around, having a chair alarm pad handy is probably a good idea. Not only does it ensure the safety of the patient, but it also allows you to go about your daily household routines without having to check on your loved ones every five minutes or so.


You may have heard patients or known people who try to push themselves too much just to get better by trying to do things on their own. While this is a good attitude to have during a recovery or rehabilitation period, it can also be very dangerous and even life-threatening sometimes.


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Apart from the inherent risk of further injury, infections may also kick in if patients spend too much time sitting around because their skin won’t be able to breathe properly and bacteria may also accumulate. Because of this factor, it is important that they are given the opportunity to switch seats from time to time. Using a chair alarm pad with an antimicrobial property like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad is also needed to ensure the growth of bacteria or microorganism is kept at a minimum if not totally zero.


Taking care of someone in a wheelchair or being bound to it yourself are both equally challenging. But the important thing is that you receive or give the care your loved ones need to ensure their way to recovery or to help them continue to make the most of their lives.

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