2 Secrets of Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad

2 Secrets of Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad

Elderly with back pain



Fractures resulting from fall incidents, due to unassisted movement or transfers are common among elderly patients.


 Nurse helping elderly walk


Because of this, caring for them becomes more and more challenging to family members and even to the more professional nursing home staffs. Although this may be the case, there are already products available to augment the care that you provide your elderly patients. One of these products in the market is chair alarm pad like Syrtenty®’s.


Fall prevention chair alarm




You may think this is too small of a device for the benefits it promises to give. Do not be mistaken. Chair alarm pad like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm can actually help save the life of your patient and ensure their well-being. Here are the two biggest reasons why you need one right now:


 Loud audible alarm


Chair alarm pad helps minimize the risk of fractures.


Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad helps minimize the risk of fracture through the following:


  • It sounds the alarm when a patient tries to get off the chair, alerting the caregiver or family member of the needed assistance.
  • The alarm sound is loud enough to be heard across several rooms.
  • The alarm can be changed to play music to the tune of “It’s A Small World” in case the alarm becomes too much of a noise. 


 Nurse checking an elderly person

Chair alarm pad helps improve the way you care for your elderly patient or loved one.


Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad augments the care you provide through the following:


  • Because of the alarm it sends out, the patient does not have to exert effort in asking or shouting for assistance or help.
  • It allows you to attend to them exactly when they need you, giving them the opportunity to enjoy some time alone.
  • It also gives you the freedom to work on other matters or attend to other patients minus the anxieties or worries. When you are more relaxed and focused, quality of work definitely improves, which is important in caregiving.



The risk of suffering from fractures may already come naturally with old age. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to lessen the chances of it happening. Having a Syrtenty® Chair Alarm around may not be a 100%fool-proof way to eliminate risk of fracture.

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