Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Face Office Work Without Worries

Work never stops. The moment one completes a task, another one pops up. It’s a never-ending cycle. This dynamic cycle makes it difficult for anyone to miss even one day at work unplanned. This could mean more stress and sometimes, disaster. But, when body pain strikes like neck pain, work may sometimes take a backseat. If one cannot afford the … Read More

Conquer Stiff Neck with Syrtenty® Cervical Collar

Waking up to a great day is something everyone looks forward to. But, this great morning mood can easily be erased when a common after-sleep pain strikes – stiff neck. This condition happens when the muscles (Levator Scapula) in your neck become too tense. When there is too much tension in the muscles, they become unable to flex or move … Read More

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Treat Your Neck Pain Anywhere

Neck pain is usually one of the most annoying things one can get. When it strikes, it greatly affects a lot of daily activities like reading, watching TV, and even talking to someone. But what a lot of people don’t know is that neck pain is sometimes caused by simple daily activities. Activities like sitting in front of the computer … Read More