Why Nursing Homes Need Chair Alarm Pad

Running a nursing home has been consistently getting more attention and popularity in the country. As more and more Americans reach the senior age, the need for the services provided by nursing homes become bigger. Because of this, the pressure to improve the care provided by nursing home staffs also increase dramatically. In improving the efficiency and effectiveness of caregivers, … Read More

2 Secrets of Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad

Fractures resulting from fall incidents, due to unassisted movement or transfers are common among elderly patients. Because of this, caring for them becomes more and more challenging to family members and even to the more professional nursing home staffs. Although this may be the case, there are already products available to augment the care that you provide your elderly patients. … Read More

3 Things To Note When Buying A Chair Alarm Pad

Providing care for loved ones or patient is never easy. It requires a lot of patience, determination, passion, and of course, money. Caring for loved ones or patients who are unable to walk or move normally is both backbreaking and expensive. Because of this, it is important that you always get your money’s worth whenever you buy any medical equipment/device … Read More

Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Helps Your Parents On Physical Rehab

There is always an unimaginable difficulty in taking care of parents who are not yet fit to resume their regular physical activities. When they become wheelchair-bound, even just temporarily, big adjustments happen in the family. This even becomes more challenging when you are also dealing with your own children or other younger siblings. Fathers can sometimes be too stubborn to … Read More

Show Extra Care for Elderly with Syrtenty® Chair Alarm

Caring for an elderly on a wheelchair is difficult. The demands are high because their safety and well-being is the most important. The challenge is always being aware of their needs all the time, especially when it comes to getting off the chair. Since this is difficult in itself when you also attend to other things, having a product that … Read More