3 Things To Note When Buying A Chair Alarm Pad

Providing care for loved ones or patient is never easy. It requires a lot of patience, determination, passion, and of course, money. Caring for loved ones or patients who are unable to walk or move normally is both backbreaking and expensive. Because of this, it is important that you always get your money’s worth whenever you buy any medical equipment/device to help you provide the care they need. When it comes to attending to your loved ones or patients who are restricted from walking either temporarily or permanently, having Syrtenty® chair alarm pad can be a very helpful tool.

Thus, in buying a chair alarm pad, it is important to consider the following factors to ensure you get your money’s worth and that the care you provide is not compromised.


Patients in wheelchairs or those who are less mobile normally spend most of their time seated. Choosing a chair alarm pad with antimicrobial properties like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm is of utmost importance to minimize the risk of infection from bacteria build up. Remember that warm and moist environment is very conducive for the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. This is the exact environment on the surface of the wheelchair or chair a patient is seated on.

Quality/Volume of Alarm

The chair alarm pad works by emitting an alarm to alert the household or caregivers that the patient is trying to get off the chair. This signal is very helpful in ensuring that the patient doesn’t suffer fractures trying to get off the chair. Incidence of fractures is normally prevalent among elderly patients. They mostly make up the population of people who are in wheelchairs or are not able to walk often. That’s why the alarm from the chair alarm pad should be loud enough to be heard from across several rooms. Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad has this feature which allows its users to still attend to other personal matters without having to worry about their loved ones or patient.

In addition to this, the alarm can also be switched to a musical mode to play “It’s a Small World”. The choice is definitely yours and the patient if in case you want to make things more interesting or if they get a bit tired of the standard alarm sound.

Ease of Use

Things may always be in a rush especially if you are working in a nursing home, so getting a medical device or tools that are easy to use is of paramount concern. Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is just put the batteries in, put the alarm pad on the chair, set the alarm sound you want, and then you’re good to go.

Taking care of your loved ones is already a herculean task. But you can save yourself from the hassle of selecting products by taking on some the pointers mentioned. After all, it’s still your thoughtful care that matters beyond the sound of any chair alarm pad.

Buying Bed Alarm Pad? Consider these…

We rely on a lot of thing in taking care of our elderly – from a home-based caregiver, nursing homes, wheelchair, and bed alarm pad. We have been given numerous tips in choosing those, but while the list may be lengthy, the tips available may not be mentioning much about bed alarm pads.

Using a bed alarm pad by Syrtenty® is also some sort of an investment for anyone who needs to tend an elderly or patient at home, so it is important that you know how to choose the right one for your loved one.

In choosing a bed alarm pad, it is important to take note of the following:

First, it has to have antimicrobial properties. This is of high importance since your loved one may be spending a great deal of time lying on his/her bed. Because of this, he/she may risk acquiring infections along the way due to bacteria build up in some of his/her body parts especially those that are not properly aerated like their backs, and pelvic area where bed sores usually develop. If your bed alarm pad is made of material with antimicrobial properties like the ones used in Syrtenty® Bed Alarm, you’ll be able to minimize the risk and spread of infection.

Second, the alarm should be loud enough. The main purpose of bed alarm pad is to generate an alarm noise whenever your loved one tries to get off the bed and move around on his/her own. Taking this into account, being able to hear the alarm wherever you may be in the house is of equal importance. You wouldn’t want to risk being complained against by your neighbors right? So it is also a must that the noise is within reasonable range. Ideal is that it should be heard even a couple of rooms away. Just rooms, not houses.

Lastly, it should give you the option to change the alarm from time to time. Certainly, this is not the most important feature to look for but it is worth having in any bed alarm pad. Hearing the same alarm noise repetitively can be quite irritating. This annoyance can actually affect both you and the patient you look after. So, it is just great if your bed alarm pad allows you to switch things up a bit by having the option to change the sound into let’s say a musical tune. Syrtenty® Bed Alarm for example allows users to choose between the standard alarm or a musical one to tune of “It’s A Small World.”

To rely on a lot of things to provide our loved ones or patients the care they need is just natural. We cannot do all things by ourselves. The important thing is we choose wisely the things we put our trust on. Syrtenty® Bed Alarm has been made under the best possible production standards to ensure its dependability. Because at the end of the day, it’s still the welfare of the patient or our elderly loved one that matters.

Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace Works For You Even At Work

A lot of people nowadays are carrying out desk jobs. These jobs normally require being seated for long hours. There are plenty of good things about working while seated. But enjoying these good things about working at your desk can be ruined by spoilers like lower back pains. If foot pain is a common enemy of people who work standing up, back pain normally plays the same role for people who work while seated. When back pain strikes, one of the easiest reliefs is to buy painkillers or wear Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace.

Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace provides additional support for the lower back to help relieve pain. It uses durable yet breathable materials to provide that much needed support for the lower back and its muscles. This helps address lower back pain and discomfort. Lower back pain may be caused by a number of factors like pinched nerves, and tired or weak muscles to name a few.

When wearing a back support brace, it is important that it fits properly. The fit should neither be too loose nor too tight. Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace has easy to pull adjustment tabs, which make fitting a breeze. Adjusting the tightness of the back support brace may be needed, especially when you are having a meal or doing other activities like sitting down or bending your body a bit. This is to allow your lower back muscles to move in accordance with the activity you are performing.

Now, you may think that wearing a back support brace may cause bulges in your outfit. That is actually true for other back support brace. But, Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace is designed to ensure that it stays invisible under your favorite shirt or top while you are at work doing all the action. Whether you work seated or standing up, Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace is always ready to give you the relief you need.

3 Things to Consider when Buying Back Support Brace

Having an active lifestyle is always a good thing. You get to have your dose of exercise, which naturally strengthens your muscles and improves your overall health. But being active can sometimes be put to a standstill by certain types of body pains. These types of body pain can occur from head to foot. But one of the most popular would probably be back pains. When it strikes, using a back support brace like Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace can immediately provide relief.

Back pains can be caused by a myriad of factors like lifestyle, posture, and even medical history. In dealing with this type of pain, one can always rely on non-invasive options like back support brace. This is usually prescribed especially if the back pain can be addressed without having to rely on pills or surgery in some cases.

In choosing the back support brace that’s right for you, it is a must to take these things into consideration.

First, it should be comfortable. The materials used should both be durable as well as breathable enough to be worn for longer hours. The reason? If it makes you feel too warm, you wouldn’t commit to wearing it for as long as you should, would you? Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace is made from the right materials to provide optimum comfort while being worn.

Second, it should be user-friendly. This is important for any back brace because the user commonly wears it without much supervision. No one should really feel burdened in using a back support brace, especially in making adjustments to make it fit properly. Ease of use has been considered when Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace was created. It uses ergonomically-designed pull tabs that allow users to adjust this back support brace to fit their activity without the hassle of repeatedly checking the manual.

Lastly, it should be customizable. This feature applies specifically to the compression mechanism of any back support brace. A customizable compression mechanism feature enables you to apply more or less pressure at a specific area of your midsection. Some back support brace options in the market do not allow this to be done. Applying pressure on certain areas like your upper or lower midsection is important, especially if the pain you feel is really just isolated. Having this feature available will basically allow you to address your back pain without having to sacrifice much comfort and movement.

Having a back support brace like Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace is a good investment for one’s health. It allows to you to lower the risk of going through more serious and expensive medical treatment. These scary treatments will more likely happen if your back pain is not addressed early on.

Manage Caring for Your Loved Ones with Syrtenty® Chair Alarm

Being bound to a wheelchair or to your sickness that prevents you from walking is no laughing matter. It can be severely depressing as well as frustrating at the same time. Imagine being very active and mobile just a few weeks or months ago. Then suddenly, you get stuck in what seems to be an inescapable truth. But, people who are advised to use wheelchairs have found it easier to live and recover with the help of their loved ones and some assistance from a device like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm.

Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad works by producing a sound whenever your loved one tries to get off his wheelchair on his own. This sound sent off by this chair alarm pad alerts people in the household or care facility that someone needs assistance. This consequently minimizes or prevents accidents due to unsupervised patients trying to do things on their own.

If you have someone in the household who relies on everyone else for assistance to move around, having a chair alarm pad handy is probably a good idea. Not only does it ensure the safety of the patient, it also allows you to go about your daily household routines without having to check on your loved ones every five minutes or so.

You may have heard patients or known people who try to push themselves too much just to get better by trying to do things on their own. While this is a good attitude to have during a recovery or rehabilitation period, it can also be very dangerous and even life threatening sometimes.

Apart from the inherent risk of further injury, infections may also kick in if patients spend too much time sitting around because their skin won’t be able to breathe properly and bacteria may also accumulate. Because of this factor, it is important that they are given opportunity to switch seats from time to time. Using a chair alarm pad with an antimicrobial property like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad is also needed to ensure growth of bacteria or microorganism is kept at a minimum if not totally zero.

Taking care of someone in a wheelchair or being bound to it yourself are both equally challenging. But the important thing is that you receive or give the care your loved ones need to ensure their way to recovery or to help them continue to make the most of their lives.

Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Helps Your Parents On Physical Rehab

There is always an unimaginable difficulty in taking care of parents who are not yet fit to resume their regular physical activities. When they become wheelchair-bound, even just temporarily, big adjustments happen in the family. This even becomes more challenging when you are also dealing with your own children or other younger siblings. Fathers can sometimes be too stubborn to ask for your help. They try to move and take things on their own because they got used to doing it for you when you were still younger. Given their condition and sometimes attitude, you can seek help from a chair alarm pad like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm.

It provides the needed help in ensuring proper care for your parents who are still advised to use wheelchair as part of their rehabilitation therapy. Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad sends off an alarm whenever the patient tries to get off the chair when he’s supposed to remain seated. The sound of this alarm is loud enough to be heard from across several rooms in the house. This means everyone can go about their usual routines without having to drag your dad to where you are. This is a great convenience, especially if he prefers watching the latest soccer game on TV.

The materials used for this chair alarm pad underwent antimicrobial treatment to ensure hygienic function all the time. This treatment helps prevent microorganisms from growing on its surfaces which may lead to skin infection or other diseases once they enter the body system of the patient. While the alarm sound can be annoying at times, Syrtenty® Chair Alarm gives you the option to change it to play to the tune of “It’s A Small World.” Beyond giving you the signal that he’s getting off the wheelchair, it may just be a trip down memory lane for you.

This chair alarm pad is battery-operated. It can be placed on almost any type of chair so there’s no need to worry about electrocution. This also ensures his mobility whenever he wants to stay in other areas of the house. As with any other physical rehabilitation treatment, a little change in the environment may also help. There’s no need to worry about the patient when going to other parts of the house. This is because Syrtenty® Chair Alarm will tell you exactly when they need you.

Show Extra Care for Elderly with Syrtenty® Chair Alarm

Caring for an elderly on a wheelchair is difficult. The demands are high because their safety and well-being is the most important. The challenge is always being aware of their needs all the time, especially when it comes to getting off the chair. Since this is difficult in itself when you also attend to other things, having a product that provides you some assistance like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm is already a big deal.

Syrtenty® chair alarm pad helps you know when your grandpa and granny are trying to get off their wheelchair for whatever reason. Knowing this is very important since they are at high risk of suffering fractures or broken bones. Fracture usually happens to elders when they leave their seats unassisted to pick up something on the floor or go to the restroom. This alarm is activated by weight sensors on the chair alarm pad. When their weight is not sensed by the device, the alarm is automatically triggered, which signals that they have attempted to get off their chairs.

One thing also unique about this chair alarm pad is that the alarm can be changed from the standard sound to the musical tune of “It’s a Small World”. So if the standard alarm causes some hearing discomfort to you or your elders, you can always change it in a snap.

Elderly people are also more prone to infection given their weak immune system. Because of this, Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad is made using antimicrobial materials. Materials with antimicrobial properties prevent the growth of microorganisms that may cause infection. So you don’t have to worry leaving them on their wheelchair while they enjoy watching TV.

Having a chair alarm pad may just be a small thing, but it’s definitely worth having to show our elderly loved ones a little more of how much we care.

TENS Unit Pad Placement: Basic Guidelines

Finding the correct placement of electrodes isn’t a one-shot deal. As a matter of fact, it took me a lot of trial-and-error to finally obtain maximum pain relief from the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit. It also helps if you look up for some guidelines on the Internet regarding the proper placement of TENS unit pads.

Sometimes, you can still obtain some pain relief even when the electrode pads are not properly placed. However, it will not be as fast and as good as when the electrodes are on the right spots. Experts say that TENS unit pad placement isn’t really an exact science. There are, however, different methods that would help you determine where to stick the electrodes.

If it’s your first time using the TENS unit pad, you may ask for the assistance of your physician. First up, you’ll be taught how to locate your “acupoints” or trigger points. These are the spots where the nerves are most irritable and are usually located on the sides of the body. You will also learn about dermatomes which are areas of the skin where sensory nerves are located.

There are also placement patterns that your doctor will teach you. For instance, if you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, you will place the electrodes on both flanks but not directly on the spine. On the other hand, if the pain is located on your arm or a specific joint, experts said that electrode placement should be near the painful area.

Electrodes may also be placed on different segments of the spine for pain with deep origin, otherwise known as sclerotome or myotome pain. If you still don’t obtain pain relief with the above methods, you may have to use the inferential method of electrode placement and bombard the area with all four electrodes, on the top and bottom and on either side.

Remember to listen attentively to your physician during the tutorial session. By knowing these basic guidelines, you sure are on your pain to living a pain free life. Most especially if you are using Syrtenty® TENS unit pads.

TENS Unit Pad Placement for Spinal Stenosis

Does your lower back hurt when you stand or walk for a long period? If this is relieved by sitting down or bending, there’s a great chance that you suffer from spinal stenosis. This is a medical condition that involves narrowing of the spinal spaces. I had a TENS massage therapy at my physiotherapist’s clinic last weekend for my back pain and I was surprised that a previous colleague from the university I used to work for was also there. She mentioned that she was recently diagnosed to have spinal stenosis, and she still frequently visits the physiotherapist to help her with the TENS unit pads placement.

Spinal stenosis commonly occurs among older people as this may be due to the natural process of aging. However, this may also be caused by a congenital defect. Orthopedic specialists said that if this isn’t diagnosed earlier and not given prompt management, this will lead to chronic pain, weakness and even paralysis due to nerve compression.

Diagnostic tools and procedures like MRI help diagnose the condition and determine the exact location of the stenosis. Initially, four TENS unit pads may have to be placed on the flanks. On both sides, place one pad above the affected vertebrae and another below it. The placement of TENS unit pads may still be adjusted. These may be moved closer or farther from the spine, depending on whether or not pain relief is achieved.

This is a relatively safe treatment. However, placement of electrodes on the throat and on open wounds is highly contraindicated. People with pacemakers are also not allowed to use this treatment as the signals coming from the TENS machine may interfere with the ones from the pacemaker. As for the brand to use, I highly encourage you to use Syrtenty® TENS unit pads because of its good quality.

It is always best to consult the doctor before using TENS unit and pads for spinal stenosis.

Trigger Point Therapy Using Syrtenty® TENS Unit Pads

I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis, and I guess having to deal with the pain on my feet on a daily basis increased my pain tolerance, as well as thresholds. However, every person is made up of a unique DNA, and we have different reactions to certain stimuli like pain. There are those people, especially women, who have much lower pain tolerance and threshold.

Pain experts define tolerance to pain as the maximum amount of pain you’re able to tolerate, whereas the pain threshold is the level at which pain can already be felt. The great thing is that there are many alternative forms of pain management nowadays such as massage and Electrostimulation with the use of TENS unit pads like Syrtenty®.

I’ve talked about TENS and EMS therapies in my previous posts and how both can be effective in relieving pain. There’s actually another tested and proven method of pain relief still using TENS unit pads called trigger point therapy. This involves locating certain trigger points in your body that can cause chronic pain. Trigger points are areas where the muscles are found to be hyper irritable. According to physiotherapists, the trigger point, as the name suggests, isn’t really where the pain is felt. For instance, if the trigger point is located on your back, the pain may be felt in your neck and there’s a tendency that you will have a headache with the neck being the trigger point satellite.

You may consult your physiotherapist to help locate your trigger points so you can already start the therapy for pain relief. During a trigger point therapy, TENS unit pads are placed on the trigger points. Once the TENS machine is turned on and the current strength is set to a specified level, signals will then be sent to the nerves through the skin. Pain is felt less or not at all since the signals sent by the electrodes interfere with the signals coming from the trigger point. In just 20 to 30 minutes, you will already achieve pain relief.

If other kinds of Electrotherapy didn’t work for you, you might finally get the pain relief you’re looking for through trigger point therapy with Syrtenty® TENS unit pads.