Know the Best Electrode Pad in 5 Ways

Nobody likes to deal with pain. But the pain sensation is naturally wired in our bodies as human beings.

We need it to prevent ourselves from getting into further danger. But there are cases when pain is better off managed or prevented. This is especially true if the pain is already getting in the way of our daily lives. In order to do this, people commonly resort to painkillers. In other cases, a more conservative approach is done to lessen or totally remove pain like TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). In using TENS therapy to manage pain, choosing the right electrode pads is important. To ensure you’re picking the right electrode pads for your TENS treatment, look for Syrtenty® TENS unit electrode pads.

TENS procedure makes use of an electronic device that emits electrical current to block off the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain. In this process, it is important that the current emitted by the device is transferred properly to the skin and nerves around painful area in our body. This will help make the treatment achieve its goal to prevent pain. Electrode pads play a role in the transfer of this electrical current to the painful area in our body. This is when the importance of Syrtenty® TENS unit electrode pads comes into play.

Electrode pads from brands like Syrtenty® are commonly used with TENS machine in treating patients to help them achieve relief from pain. In choosing the right electrode pads to be used for your TENS treatment, it is important that you consider the following features:

Universal compatibility.

This means they can be used with practically any TENS unit. If you already have an existing TENS machine, there’s no need to worry about finding compatible electrode pads. Syrtenty® TENS unit electrodes are sure to work just fine with your TENS machine.

Ready to use.

Syrtenty® electrodes are absolutely ready to use. All you have to do is put them properly on the area of your body to be treated and carefully follow the instructions. They are already pre-gelled and ready to be placed on your skin to start your TENS treatment.

Long lasting.

Syrtenty® TENS unit electrode pads are designed to last a long time with proper care. In case they stop sticking well on your skin, you can try applying clean water on them to reactivate the adhesive substance.


Syrtenty® electrodes are latex-free. You don’t have to undergo any lab test for latex allergies before using them. They are guaranteed safe for use by practically anyone.

Strong adhesion.

If you have to move from time to time while undergoing treatment, you can do so without worries. Syrtenty® TENS unit electrode pads stick well enough to ensure that the electrical current from your TENS machine reaches the proper nerves. This ensures efficiency and efficacy in your treatment.

Comes in various shapes and sizes.

Syrtenty® TENS unit electrode pads can go wherever the pain is. These electrode pads come in various shapes and sizes for use in different body parts. Whether it’s your back, legs, arms, and knees, there’s always a right Syrtenty® electrode pad shape and size for you. Using different shapes and sizes of electrode pads is important to ensure the quality of your TENS treatment. This is because different areas of the body are shaped and sized differently. This naturally affects the way that electrode pads stick to your skin to deliver the current from your TENS unit.

Once you have the right electrode pads like Syrtenty® TENS unit electrode pads to pair with your TENS machine, relief from pain will soon follow. You can start facing conditions like neck pain, lower back pain, joint pain due to arthritis, and many more without fears. Syrtenty® TENS unit electrodes boast of all the qualities you need to provide you with the smile and freedom from pain.

When Things Need to Be Physical

Everyone likes getting support. Be it emotional, financial, moral, and technical, we all appreciate it. Support makes us feel like we have people around us to help. There are types of support that we can get almost anytime. Emotional and financial support for example, can normally be obtained by just making a call or sending a text message. After a touch of a button, we can almost instantly get the support we need. It’s usually that easy. But, we can’t get all the support we need that easily. There’s a type support that is quite a struggle to get, at least almost instantly. This is the physical type of support. When it comes to physical support, products like Syrtenty® Back Brace and Syrtenty® Cervical Collar are ready to provide you with such.

In times of sickness and struggle to move on our own due to neck and back pains for example, getting physical support becomes more crucial. But we can’t entirely expect this from our companions or family members. So having some products around to help us get through is a big deal. Recovering from certain physical conditions like back pain, and neck pain are just few examples of situations when physical support and assistance from back support brace or cervical traction collar become really important.

Effects of back pain and neck pain are usually managed better by support coming from devices like back support brace and cervical traction collar or neck brace.

There are already a number of brands in the market like Syrtenty® that range products like back support brace and cervical traction collar. These devices help users recover from back pains and neck pains that may have been caused by a number of reasons like.

  • surgical procedure or operation,
  • sore and tired muscles, and
  • pinched nerves to name a few.

Back Support Brace
Syrtenty® Back Brace gives a sturdy and comfortable support to the lower back to help speed up treatment of back pains. It “hugs and holds” your lower back area with the right amount of tender loving care (TLC). You’ll need TLC in situations like this more than ever, don’t you? Movements can be limited when wearing a back support brace. Because of this, comfort will be a big issue for any user of this device. In choosing a back support brace, adjustment features should be given consideration. It will always be easy for you and your back if the device you have can be easily adjusted even by yourself. Syrtenty® Back Brace is equipped with an easy-to-use adjustment tabs. You’ll never have to feel like you’re dealing with a simple tool or device that has no understanding of your needs.

Cervical Traction Collar
Syrtenty® Cervical Collar is no different. It works by providing additional physical support to the neck and upper back area. This soothing support helps stretch tired and sore neck muscles that usually cause pains in the neck and upper back area. When inflated, this cervical traction collar works gently but firm enough to support your neck. It has been designed to be adjustable to adapt to your own level of comfort like an actual therapist can. All you have to do is just release some of the air through the inflation/deflation bulb to loosen it up. If you want a firmer support, just squeeze the bulb to pump more air in. Who says dealing with devices like this is only a one way street? It works and goes with you anywhere. That already beats any form of support or help you can get from a person, doesn’t it?

Getting the physical support you need to help you from back and neck pain should not be that difficult. Syrtenty® already brings these tools for physical support closer to your doorstep. The support coming from a loved one or a professional provider is definitely great. But, you have to remember that they also have limitations like physical fatigue. These limitations, fortunately, is something that Syrtenty® Back Brace and Syrtenty® Cervical Collar aspire to overcome to make you feel like physical support should not be that difficult to feel after all.

One Noise That’s Worth Hearing

Noise comes in all forms. It also comes for a lot of sources and takes different forms. It sometimes takes the form of too loud music, honking of vehicles, and rumbling of engines. Whatever form or source it comes from, we all hate noise. That’s a fact that is unlikely to change. Despite the negative attitude of people towards noise, it sometimes plays an important role in our lives. Noise becomes beneficial to us in cases like natural and social emergencies. Noise from the horns of fire trucks, ambulance, police patrol cars, and smartphone alarms all spell great importance. The same is true with noise coming from bed alarm pad and chair alarm pad like Syrtenty® Bed Alarm and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm.

But do you know that the noise from bed alarm pad and chair alarm are even more different? The noise from bed and chair alarm is a also a type of noise rooted in love and care.

The alarm coming from these two devices is still noise however you look at it. But the beauty of this noise is that it gives us the opportunity and the right time to express our care and concern. This concern is usually for the elderly or anyone who is bedridden or wheelchair-bound due to an injury or disease. Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad both use this noise to help us express our love and care for our elderly or other patients whether at home or in nursing homes. This noise of love helps us in 3 ways:

Lets us know when they need us.

“Action speaks louder than words” as they say. This holds true in the case of Syrtenty® Bed Alarm and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm. In using these two devices, our loved ones or patient need not say a word to tell us they need us close to them. These devices automatically send off an alarm whenever the patient tries to get off his bed or chair unassisted. The alarm can be heard from across several rooms. This saves our loved ones from shouting our name out loud for help. More importantly, it saves them from the possible falls from bed or chair and further injuries in the process.

Allows us to do more for them.

They say that “multitasking is overrated.” But we need this skill when dealing with someone who is bedridden or wheelchair-bound. If you have to be in other areas of the house where you cannot take you patient or loved ones with you, doing other things becomes impossible. Bed alarm pad and chair alarm pad from Syrtenty® solves this problem head on. You just need to set the device on and have your loved one or patient lie on the bed or sit on the chair. This allows you to focus on attending to other work you need to do. You can cook their food, clean other parts of the house, prepare their medicines, prepare the bathroom for their shower, and many more. These devices allow you to do more things to provide the care your loved one or patient needs without the worries.

Helps us do things that matter faster.

Van Wilder once said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” This stands true in anything that we do especially when it involves providing care for someone. Worrying leads to anxiety and tension. This makes a very dangerous combination that may badly affect the outcomes of any task. This may endanger human health or life. Syrtenty® Bed Alarm and Syrtenty® Chair Alarm allows you to work on important things related to providing the care your loved one or patient needs.

Since you will be alerted by the alarm noise when they try to move unassisted, you can better focus on your current task at hand. This will naturally allow you to do your task faster without compromising quality. Whatever you do, you can freely put your mind into. Gone are the days when you are doing something and your mind is somewhere else, worrying.

There are a lot of reasons to hate noise. But, when noise signals the need for our tender loving care, we should embrace it all the more. Bed alarm pad and chair alarm pad from Syrtenty® have definitely given noise a totally different meaning. They took noise from being annoying to something worth hearing. They helped provide our elderly and loved ones another way to say they need us. They made us believe that noise should not just be heard as a sound but also be felt as it carries emotions.

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Face Office Work Without Worries

Work never stops. The moment one completes a task, another one pops up. It’s a never-ending cycle. This dynamic cycle makes it difficult for anyone to miss even one day at work unplanned. This could mean more stress and sometimes, disaster. But, when body pain strikes like neck pain, work may sometimes take a backseat. If one cannot afford the setback caused by neck pain, using a cervical traction device like Syrtenty® Cervical Collar may do the trick.

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar helps provide support to the neck to relieve neck pain caused by tension in the muscles. When muscles experience tension, movement becomes difficult. This difficulty in movement causes restriction in motion of the head and neck area. Pain usually follows whenever one tries to move his neck or head when muscles are tensed.

Cervical traction device addresses this condition by way of slowly allowing the muscles to relax over time. It helps the patient avoid any unnecessary or unconscious movement of the neck and head which may further worsen the condition. Cervical traction device like Syrtenty® Cervical Collar holds the neck area firmly in place. This allows the neck muscles to slowly relax leading to the recovery of the patient even without taking drugs or undergoing expensive treatments.

The biggest advantage of using cervical traction device is that it goes with the patient anywhere. This makes it ideal for providing treatment without sacrificing a lot of regular activities like work. It just has to be worn like regular clothes and the patient can go on with his day at the office. No need to worry about schedule of treatment or medicine intake.

Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar has been designed for comfort, which is important if it has to be used for an hour or more. It uses soft contact fabric which provides a soft feeling to the neck. In addition to this, it features a comfortable chin rest which makes it even more ideal for repetitive use. There’s no need to take it off due to discomfort which may prolong the recovery process. When one is able to to wear Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar as prescribed, the faster it may be to achieve recovery.

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar is inflatable through an inflation bulb. The bulb also allows one to release the air when not in use. Once deflated, this cervical traction device fits practically anywhere. It is portable enough to be tossed inside a bag or kept in the locker room after use. All these features allow any office person to face any work in the office with confidence and pride. Now, who said work has to stop just because neck pain strikes?

Conquer Stiff Neck with Syrtenty® Cervical Collar

Waking up to a great day is something everyone looks forward to. But, this great morning mood can easily be erased when a common after-sleep pain strikes – stiff neck. This condition happens when the muscles (Levator Scapula) in your neck become too tense. When there is too much tension in the muscles, they become unable to flex or move properly. When stiff neck happens, applying heat on the painful area is usually done. If the pain still remains, the use of Syrtenty® Cervical Collar is usually suggested.

The cervical traction device from Syrtenty® helps provide relief from stiff neck or other painful neck conditions by supporting the muscles. It also helps relax the muscles in the neck and upper back area to give you that pain relief and allow better movement of the neck muscles. This cervical traction collar is inflatable which allows you to adjust the support needed. All you have to do is to release or pump in air using the inflation bulb.

A soft contact fabric was used in making this cervical traction collar from Syrtenty®. This ensures more comfort as you wear this device on your journey to relief from pain. This also allows you to take this cervical traction collar at work to help you get on with your day with as less pain as possible. When inflated, Syrtenty® Cervical Collar also provides a comfortable chin rest to help you relax your head and neck even more.

Relaxation of muscles is a key factor in treating stiff neck. Using cervical traction collar like Syrtenty® Cervical Collar may be all you need to totally get out from the pain and discomfort caused by stiff neck. It can be easily adjusted to provide you with the right firmness or softness. This ensures that your neck muscles are relaxed enough to avoid causing any more discomfort that may ruin your entire day.

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar does all the work needed for you. All you need to do is wear it properly. Once worn, squeeze the inflation bulb to pump some air. Lastly, wear your best smile to face your day head on with confidence and relief.

Syrtenty® Cervical Collar: Treat Your Neck Pain Anywhere

Neck pain is usually one of the most annoying things one can get. When it strikes, it greatly affects a lot of daily activities like reading, watching TV, and even talking to someone. But what a lot of people don’t know is that neck pain is sometimes caused by simple daily activities. Activities like sitting in front of the computer for prolonged periods can cause strain in neck muscles. In treating neck pain, using a cervical traction device like Syrtenty® Cervical Collar can be considered first before any medication or procedure.

A cervical traction device is designed to provide support and relief to the neck. It works by supporting the neck and slowly stretching its muscles. This process allows the strained neck muscles to relax, which helps relieve the pain that muscle tension causes. A cervical traction device also helps address pinched nerves. Pinched nerves in the neck also cause neck pains. They usually result from repetitive activities with little or no breaks in between, like sitting in front of computers or television and even wrong sleeping position.
Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar is inflatable. This allows this cervical traction device to provide the neck a stable and comfortable support. An inflatable cervical traction device uses air pressure to help the neck achieve a more sound position and get relief from neck pain. Use of air pressure also allows the Syrtenty® Cervical Collar to be adjustable enough to also give room for the comfort of the patient.

Adjustability should also be a key factor to consider in buying a cervical traction device. It is important, especially if the patient still has to maintain a certain set of activities like office work duties. Syrtenty® Cervical Collar is designed to be used for both home and the office. The patient can still watch his favorite TV show, read his favorite books, and work in front of the computer while wearing the Syrtenty® Cervical Traction Collar.

Because it is inflatable, it makes it easy to bring practically anywhere. It fits easily in small bags and takes up little space when deflated. There’s no more excuse to be inconsistent in using this cervical traction device. Whether at home, office, malls, and while even on vacation, the Syrtenty® Cervical Collar goes with the patient everywhere.

The use of cervical traction device definitely provides relief from neck pain. This is considered a conservative form of treatment and does not entail expensive costs like other medical procedures. It’s ideal for a lot of patients suffering from chronic neck pain who want an affordable and effective solution to allow them to live a more pain-free life and spend their time watching TV or doing their favorite hobby.

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm: Enhances Caring Ability of Nursing Homes

Losing one’s physical mobility can be a tough challenge for anyone. Whether temporary or not, people who got used to being on the go will never swallow this easily. This is probably one of the challenges nursing homes face every day when dealing with bedridden patients. The risk of accidents due to unsupervised attempts of patients to get off their beds is always present. In managing this risk, the use of a bed alarm pad like Syrtenty® Bed Alarm among nursing homes has been a practice.

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm works by sending off an alarm whenever a patient tries to get off his bed. The alarm serves as a signal to the caregivers that a patient is trying to get off his bed. Because of this, the caregivers or attendants can easily rush in to restrain the patient or assist him as needed.

Bed alarm pads use weight sensors. These sensors set off the alarm when they don’t detect the patient’s body weight on them. The sound emitted from a bed alarm pad is usually loud enough to be heard across all rooms. This makes this device ideal for nursing home setups where multiple patients in several rooms need attention.

This alarm enables the caregivers to attend to other patients or work-related matters without worries. They can just be alerted whenever a patient needs assistance in getting up.

Since alarms are normally loud and sometimes annoying, Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad gives the option to change this. It allows users to use the tune of “It’s A Small World” as the sound instead of the typical alarm noise. This feature lessens the disturbance the alarm may cause in other patients. Apart from this, it may also trigger some happy memory recall among the elderly bedridden patients.

Syrtenty® Bed Alarm Pad has also undergone anti-microbial treatment. This ensures that the risk of infection due to bacteria buildup is minimized. This is important because bedridden patients spend most of their time lying down.

There are already a lot of bed alarm pads available in the market. In choosing what’s best for any nursing home, it’s important that patients’ safety and device functionality are given premium weight all the time.

Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace: Conquer Back Surgery Faster

Recovering after a major back operation involving the spinal column is very difficult. Mobility is heavily affected during this period. There’s hardly anything that a patient can physically do during this time. This is because the nerves located in the spinal column are very delicate and sensitive to injuries. One wrong move can cause further damage to the patient. During this time, the use of a back support brace like Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace is usually advised.

Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace provides additional support and helps stabilize the lower back portion of the upper body. Stabilizing the lower back is important in aiding the recovery process needed after any major operation. Because of this, choosing a back support brace with the right materials is of great importance. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The materials from which the back support brace is made should be durable enough for the purpose of providing stability to the injured area.
  • The materials used should also be treated with antimicrobial feature since it will be worn next to the skin and the wound to prevent spread of infection.

Syrtenty® 631 Back Support Brace uses durable materials with antimicrobial treatment to ensure stability and minimize the risk of infection or skin irritation among users. It is also designed to fit just about any size from small up to 5XL. This size range practically covers everyone on the planet.

Motion can be limited when using a back support brace. This makes easy adjustment a must for any back support brace unit. For patients, this is especially beneficial in instances when they have to sit down or eat. This is because they may require a different level of comfort in doing these activities.

A back support brace is not only used by people who have undergone surgery. It can also be used by those undergoing back pain treatments and those that may need temporary additional support. So when buying a back support brace unit like Syrtenty® 631 Back Brace, one should also consider how long the product will last. Remember that it is also an investment in one’s health and well-being.

Why Nursing Homes Need Chair Alarm Pad

Running a nursing home has been consistently getting more attention and popularity in the country. As more and more Americans reach the senior age, the need for the services provided by nursing homes become bigger. Because of this, the pressure to improve the care provided by nursing home staffs also increase dramatically. In improving the efficiency and effectiveness of caregivers, different tools can be used. One of these tools is a chair alarm pad like Syrtenty®’s.

Syrtenty® chair alarm pad works by producing an alarm whenever the patient tries to get off his/her chair. This alarm is loud enough to be heard across several rooms, making it ideal in nursing home set ups. Because of this, the staffs can be properly alerted and allowed to immediately go to the patient and provide the needed assistance before any accidents occur.

Time is of the essence in this type of situation because falls may happen, resulting in fractures of the patients affected. Accidents like falls are common in the elderly, which affects their hips most of the time. When this happens, they become even more immobile and restricted, making caring for them even more complicated and challenging. Using a chair alarm pad can definitely minimize, if not totally, eliminate the risk of falls resulting in fractures.

When accidents are prevented in any nursing home, gaining trust and confidence of both the patients and their families comes next. A nursing home is a business built on trust, passion, and genuine caregiving. So having a chair alarm pad around to help improve patient care of caregivers is of paramount importance.

2 Secrets of Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad

Fractures resulting from fall incidents, due to unassisted movement or transfers are common among elderly patients. Because of this, caring for them becomes more and more challenging to family members and even to the more professional nursing home staffs. Although this may be the case, there are already products available to augment the care that you provide your elderly patients. One of these products in the market is chair alarm pad like Syrtenty®’s.

You may think this is too small of a device for the benefits it promises to give. Do not be mistaken. Chair alarm pad like Syrtenty® Chair Alarm can actually help save the life of your patient and ensure their well-being. Here are the two biggest reasons why you need one right now:

Chair alarm pad helps minimize the risk of fractures.

Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad helps minimize the risk of fracture through the following:

  • It sounds the alarm when a patient tries to get off the chair, alerting the caregiver or family member of the needed assistance.
  • The alarm sound is loud enough to be heard across several rooms.
  • The alarm can be changed to play music to the tune of “It’s A Small World” in case the alarm becomes too much of a noise.

Chair alarm pad helps improve the way you care for your elderly patient or loved one.

Syrtenty® Chair Alarm Pad augments the care you provide through the following:

  • Because of the alarm it sends out, the patient does not have to exert effort in asking or shouting for assistance or help.
  • It allows you to attend to them exactly when they need you, giving them the opportunity to enjoy some time alone.
  • It also gives you the freedom to work on other matters or attend to other patients minus the anxieties or worries. When you are more relaxed and focused, quality of work definitely improves, which is important in caregiving.

The risk of suffering from fractures may already come naturally with old age. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to lessen the chances of it happening. Having a Syrtenty® Chair Alarm around may not be a 100%fool-proof way to eliminate risk of fracture. But, having it around for the use of your elderly patient or loved one is already enough to show the extra care that our elderly patients or loved ones need.